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April's Adventures

April was the first month I truly started diving into the VSS prompts. The first one 'prepare' ended as the short story Hell Rising.

VSS365 is a Twitter challenge to write a 'Very Short Story' within the 280 characters of a tweet and using a specific daily word prompt.

Some days I miss the challenge, but then I try to incorporate the word into the next day instead.

Find them on my Twitter. Sometimes I post them on Buy Me A Coffee as well.

14 stories with prompts:

Paint, hide, hunt, egg, picture, exiled, halo, invisible, blessing, only, drawn, cooking, thousand, nightfall.



In eyes of emerald, I am lost to dreams.

A scent of summer sun lines your skin and the cherry lips are sweet on mine.

Under the open sky, we are boundless. We are one.

Like paint, I brush my desire over you to a rainbow of love.

“Quick! Hide!”

I heave Tom down behind the bush. He looks at me wide-eyed, then laughs.

“Are you afraid of monsters?”

I stare back. Is he not?!

“You know they aren’t real, right?” Tom stands up with another laugh.

“No, wait!” I yell. Tom’s scream echoes in my ears.

With a roar, the beast lifted on its hind legs. It took to the sky under clouds of smoke, its wings spread wide, and a hurricane gust blasted in its wake.

With a soft swirl, it dove.

Between its jaws lay embers of destruction; an inferno of doom.

The hunt had begun.

I've waited for weeks. Kept you warm in a crate of hay, whispered to you at night, and hummed a lullaby. Today, I know it'll hatch! I can't wait to meet you!

"Hey, where's the egg?" I ask and stare at the empty crate in the kitchen window.

"I dunno. Want some scrambles?"

In grandma’s house is a picture of a cat

It has yellow eyes, a tail, and a hat

She says it's dead but I know more

This cat is one to adore

When the moon is high in the sky

a purr comes from the frame like a sigh

It tips its hat and bows

and goes hunt with a soft meow

Blisters throbbed on The King's hands after a long day working in the field.

Exiled, shamed, and forgotten, he had been forced to the simple life of a farmer.

The King smiled to the heavens.

'Thank god!'

I am drawn to you.

I cannot escape.

Around you is a halo of shadows.

Within you an eternity of silence.

In this dusk lies my doom.

In this love is my peace.

I am ready now.

Death, I'm ready.

I've got a friend that nobody sees

She's cool, fun, and doesn't tease

We go on adventures and climb trees in the sun

We jump and we run, laugh and have fun

She might be invisible but I don't care

She lives in my mind and has a good time there

There's a rumble of thunder in the clouds. A cool wisp of wind before the first raindrop hits the cracked earth. Soon the fields are drenched and a chorus rises from the village.

"It's a miracle! It's a blessing!"

I look up at the grey sky.

"It's just rain."

Your skin smells of sunshine

There are stars in your eyes

Isn't it silly, you say

We only have one life

But I don't think so

Our love moves galaxies

It sparks supernovas

Among the ripples of space

In the depth of eternity

We live forever

The dead decorate my walls.

They come to me; the forgotten, the lost, the hopeless.

They tell me their story and ask me not to forget.

I've drawn the face of each and hung it on my wall.

I'll remember them until one day I give the pencil to you.

Will you draw me then?

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

But tonight, it'll come with roasted potatoes and a glass of dark merlot.

"Smell's good! Whatcha cooking?"

"A feast!" I hand him the glass. "I'm celebrating."

"What?" He swallows a final time and the oven-clock dings.

"Your death."

I have traveled the dark depths of the ocean for a thousand years.

The passing of time has reshaped me and I'm smaller now.


Finally, I breach the waves on the beach to watch a glorious sunset.

"Look, a perfect skipping stone!"

I’m hurled back in the water.


They rise with the sun.

Throughout the day they prance the world

while we scatter in crevices.

We hide in cellars. In the depth of caves and under rocks.

Come nightfall we rise again.

Under the dark sky, we rule.

Monsters, they call us.

Shadows, are we.

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