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Magic of Lies (The Altira #1)

Updated: Apr 27

Magic of Lies, The Altira Series book 1

by Joyce Gee, 5310 Publishing

Find out more here: The Altira Series

A fantasy series full on epic magic, romantic elements, and political intrigue.

I love the epicness of this story and series!

You're thrown into a vast and detailed world from chapter one, and though it may seem as an overwhelming beginning it lends into a story with multiple arcs, complicated characters, and wonderful world building with complex history and politics.

Eirian is a great main character. She's stubborn, steadfast, and loyal and her constant division between her 'true' magical self and the mask she puts on for the world to see never gets boring. She's capable and steps into the story of returning as princess, and eventually queen, with much grace though it also involves plenty of sneaking out, fighting behind her guards' back, a bit of surprise disarming assassins and more!

She's driven by duty and it shines through her character and makes her choices and reactions very believable. She's also full of lust and love, and craves freedom which comes fully out when she interacts with the Captain of her guard, Aiden, leading to many very fun and "goddamit, just kiss!" moments.

Magic of Lies is full on epic with a huge cast and a massive world. It feels true and immense and Joyce weaves in history, politics, romance, and reality among elves and high mages.

There are plenty of high stakes between kingdoms, the end of the world, looming gods, and too much magic, and it's well-balanced between Eirian's wish to keep the people she loves (and maybe herself) safe.

The ending comes a little fast, but with book 2 already out (Blood of Husks), it's just to grab the continuation of Eirian's journey.

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