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June's Journals

Stories and poems about things between love, life, and death.

VSS365 is a Twitter challenge to write a 'Very Short Story' within the 280 characters of a tweet and using a specific daily word prompt.

Some days I miss the challenge, but then I try to incorporate the word into the next day instead.

Find them on my Twitter. Sometimes I post them on Buy Me A Coffee as well.

These are my favorite writes from June.

14 stories with prompts:

Happy, generous, avarice, wrath, loving, hunger, sword, dream, hunger, summer, golden, rose, wish, dollar, crash, pencil, music.



He really liked his job. He just wished people would be happy when they saw him.

Most people started crying.

"...I'm not ready yet. Just one more day. I didn't say goodbye..."

As if he wasn't saving them from the torment of living to bring them to the beauty of death.

I was amazed by the children.

They survived the tough world I gave them.

I loved them for it. I indulged them.

I let them reap my fields.

They climbed mountains and became giants.

But I was too generous

And they were greedy.

They are suffocating me.

Soon, they will too.

It is love.

I wanted you, all of you

It was something special

You were

It's not avarice

I didn't ask much

Just you and I


Just you with me


I keep a lock of your hair


Her fist clenched, head tilted back, she screamed so it tore through mind and sense.

Her wrath held no bounds.

The whole world would know the injustices that had just happened at the playground. Adam had taken her shovel.

She was a loving mother. She found kids on the streets and gave them a home. They got rooms and beds and she listened when they cried.

They cried a lot though, she thought and pushed a plate through the trap in the door.

"I just wanna go home," the small voice begged.

Waves on endless shores

cliffs erode away

deprived of serenity

hearts devoured by the void

a hunger never stilled

the phoenix rise in flames of desire

love lives on

Tim kneels. After years of failure finally, he's to be sworn to the Order of Knights!

"And, suited for your best ability, we award you the sword of Mild Inconvenience."

Tim frowns. "What does it do?"

"It leaves the most jarring papercuts. Use it wisely."

Falling in love was a dream come true.

The little kisses, fingers intertwined under moonlit walks, whispers of affection on her earlobe.

Getting married was a nightmare.

A battle of dominance. Fights of injustice that ended in tears.

How she wished she could wake up.

The growl in my stomach is not of hunger.

It's an ancient and inescapable pain.

Some say it's a beautiful part of who I am. A blessing to bring life.

But it's a curse written in blood.

Once a month I turn into a monster.

I'm a slave to my body. Only age will cure me.

In the light of summer, gloom is forgotten.

But long golden evenings are demised by shadows.

The stars whispers of a nameless end.

The inevitable waiting in the void.

Frost curls the rose as winter's frost rise from the abyss.

Rain falls softly and covers the flowers and bouquets in drops. I stare at the tomb, alone now. They all left. Said their goodbyes. Cried their tears.

"I just wish it had ended differently!" I say.

"Many do." Death puts a hand on my shoulder. "Come now. It's time."

'For a dollar, I'll tell your future. Two, I'll change it.'

A silly trick but I sit down.

"What do you see?"

"Oh the horrors!" the hag gasps and stares into her crystal ball.

"That bad?" I place another bill.

"As you wish, sir."

Her knife slices my throat with no effort.

I lost everything in the crash.

My love. My voice. My mobility. My life. You.

Now, years later, I pick up the pencil and sketch your face.

You’re smiling. “It’s okay.” You whisper. “It wasn’t your fault.”

And finally, I cry. Finally, I believe you.

The salty sea breeze kiss my cheek.

I throw the rock and it splashes in the ocean. You laugh. It’s music in my ears.

“You do it wrong,” you take hold of my hand. “Like this.”

Your body is close to mine. Fingers intertwined.

This has nothing to do with skipping rocks.

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