I have a deep personal passion for Nature. For the mysterious deep ocean, colorful and dynamic coastal zone, the deep evergreen forests and the snowy mountain tops.  I soak and breath in Nature when-ever and where-ever I can. I dive in the ocean. I hike in the forest. I backpack in the wilderness.

Our planet is changing rapidly under stress of climate change, urban expansion and anthropogenic pollution. We stand before an era where we might loose the magic of our planet faster than we even realize.

I hope, dream and strive to create a sustainable future. Not just for me, myself and I, but for future generations.

We need to improve our way of life. We need to increase sustainable businesses, energy and agriculture. We need to educate everyone, everywhere, on the best practice for an efficient and sustainable world. We need to move step-by-step, area-by-area, we need to include local communities, government agencies and international co-operations. We need to combine science and community. And we need to work together.

Our planet is changing with or without us. I would prefer to tag along.

Professional ​
Spoken languages


Danish (native)


Basic (please speak slowly):

Norwegian (bokmål)


Tourist level:



AAUS Scientific Diver

NOLS First Aid Wilderness


Rescue & Master Diver

DAN Oxygen provider

Technical skills

Extensive use:

Programming R

Adobe Lightroom


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Basic knowledge:



Adobe Illustrator

Master of Science in Earth Science​, focus on coastal and ocean science.
University of California Santa Cruz, USA

​2015 - 2017

Bachelor of Science in Biology, focus on marine biology.
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

​2012 - 2015

Conferences and talks

Poster: Desalination brine discharge impacts on coastal biology and water chemistry – A case study from Carlsbad Southern California

Petersen, K.L, Heck, N., Potts, D., Paytan, A.

American Geophysical Union (AGU), New Orleans (Louisiana):

Talk: How to Science while Whale Watching – fieldwork planning and experimental setup.

Invited seminar at UC Santa Cruz for summer interns

Talk: Tales of Scientific Diving

Click here to see talk

TED-style talk at MARINE Colloquium, Moss Landing (California)

Poster: Will Seawater Reverse Osmosis Impact Coral Reefs?

Petersen, K. L., Paytan, A., Rahav, E., Bar-Zeev, E.

Aquatic Science Meeting (ASLO), Honolulu (Hawaii):


Poster: Impacts of effluent from Carlsbad Desalination plant on coastal biology and chemistry – a case study of pre- and post discharge.

Petersen, K.L, Heck, N., Potts, D., Paytan, A.

American Geophysical Union, San Francisco (California)

Talk: Experiences and experiments in Israel – IRES 2016

Invited seminar at UC Santa Cruz

Talk: Impact of Desalination Brine on Coral Health.

Click here to see talk

Ignite-style talk at MARINE Colloquium, Moss Landing (California)

Poster: Impacts of effluent from Carlsbad Desalination plant on coastal biology and chemistry – a case study of pre- and post discharge.

Petersen, K.L, Heck, N., Potts, D., Paytan, A.

Ocean Science Meeting (ASLO), New Orleans (Louisiana)

Teacher Assistant for college courses

​2015 - 2017; University of California Santa Cruz


I taught ​several courses during my M.Sc at UC Santa Cruz. Work responsibilities varied from course to course but included: Planning and executing laboratory and work sessions, hosting discussion sessions with relevant curriculum, be available to students to answer questions and help with homework, print, scan and copy material for students, proctor and grade midterms, finals and home works.

Spring 2017: Natural history of dinosaurs (lecturer: Prof. Hilde Schwartz)

Winter 2017: Oceanography (lecturer: Prof. Gary Griggs)

Spring 2016: Oceanography (lecturer: Prof. Gary Griggs)

Winter 2016: Chemistry lab (lecturer: Prof. Randa Roland)

Fall 2015: Microbiology (lecturer: Prof. Vicky Stone)


Tutor and mentor for high school students and adults

​2013 - 2014; Tingbjerg Forum Copenhagen


Tingbjerg Forum is a community center in an area of Copenhagen dominated by low-income, disadvantaged families of other ethnicity than danish.

I worked as mentor and tutor helping high-school students with home work in science related subjects, and helped adults with who were completing danish language courses, writing CV and job applications, or taking other sort of educations.



Laboratory assistant

​2012 - 2014; Danish Cancer Association (Kræftens Bekæmpelse)

Work included cleaning samples for a long-term, large-scale cancer study, that had been infected by drain and sewage water during a flood in Copenhagen in 2010.

Sales assistant

2012; Irma a/s (Danish grocery store chain)

In charge of opening/closing of store, cashier, grocery refill and stock, younger employers.

Assistant pedagogue

2011; Day-nursery Rugvej (Vuggestuen Rugvej)

Working in a day-care with children of age between 9 months and 3 years.

Waitress and barista

2010; Café Zakabona

In charge of cashier, opening/closing, training of new employers


2008-2010; Danish Animal Protection Agency (Dyrenes Beskyttelse)

Collecting funds from members and obtaining new members by phone-fundraising