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Yarn and stitches.

Crocheting and crossstitch, patterns and ideas.
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Here are a few of my crochet and cross-stitch patterns. I add them as I develop them.

They are homemade and you can download them for free, but I'll ask you kindly to consider signing up for my newsletter or buy me a coffee <3

Thanks! 💕


R2D2 Blanket

A nice wide blanket to cuddle in while watching movies on a couch far, far away

I drafted this blanket and made it for my bf for a Christmas present, then a birthday present and then another Christmas present. Yes, it took me a while to finish.

This is a C2C blanket approx. 130x175 cm.

There're a few errors in this photo, but if you download the pattern it'll contain both this slightly "wrong" one, and the pattern for the one I was "trying" to make.

Download a pdf pattern by clicking here.


Half-fingered gloves with skull

Keep your hands warm and be able to use your phone!

I've made a few different gloves for myself by now, but these are by far my favorite.

And the first I actually wrote down the pattern for.

As it was developed as I went, it might seem a little confusing in the pattern. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me though!

Download a pdf pattern by clicking here.

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