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Crocheting and crossstitch, patterns and ideas.
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Here are a few of my crochet and cross-stitch patterns. I add them as I develop them.

They are homemade and you can download them for free, but I'll ask you kindly to consider signing up for my newsletter or run over at Buy Me a Coffee and support my work.

Thanks! 💕


R2D2 Blanket

A nice wide blanket to cuddle in while watching movies on a couch far, far away

I drafted this blanket and made it for my bf for a Christmas present, then a birthday present and then another Christmas present. Yes, it took me a while to finish.

This is a C2C blanket approx. 130x175 cm.

There're a few errors in this photo, but if you download the pattern it'll contain both this slightly "wrong" one, and the pattern for the one I was "trying" to make.

Download a pdf pattern by clicking here.


Coming soon! Half-fingered gloves

Keep your hands warm and be able to use your phone!

The pattern for these is not completely done yet. Unfortunately when crocheting gloves, making one only brings you half-way there.

I'm currently making the other and double-checking the pattern I wrote works for both right and left hand. Pretty sure I'll have myself some nice cozy gloves by May. Then they can collect dust on my shelf until October.