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What You Wish For

Updated: May 4

Book cover of What You Wish For. Black background with stars and the moon, golden edges. A cat is sleeping behing the book.

Five fantastical short stories.

By S. J. C. Schreiber

Find it here: Link to SJC's webpage

I picked up this short story collection thinking it was horror (my brain read the title as "careful what you wish for"), so I was utterly befuddled when the first story didn't at all go in the direction I thought it would.

The first story is a classic 'genie granting you 3 wishes' tale and I was fully prepared for that genie to pull some sinister and cruel prank on the nice old lady who even offered him a piece of cake. But he never did. And instead of an ending of mayhem and chills, it was wholesome and sweet and perhaps even the genie got a little wish granted.

So this is not a collection of the dark and sinister. It's a collection of sweet heartwarming tales with twists on known tropes and traditional fairy tales. Schreiber weaves magic into snippets of real life and leaves you with a good mood and a smile on your face.

The stories are quickly read (about 15 min for the longest) and the collection is a perfect 'pick me upper' on a grey, rainy day where the daily grind just needs something fantastical.

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