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The Palace of Winds

Parts 1 and 2 of this epic fantasy trilogy are available now.

Order your paperback from Amazon or find the ebook on all popular platforms.

"I enjoyed reading it more than any book in recent memory, and I'm not generally a fan of fantasy books. The writing is excellent, the story is well paced, and the characters are interesting."
- Amazon review

Epic fantasy with elemental magic, a broken family, and a force ready to tear the world apart.

Twenty years have passed since the Lord of Life toppled the Wind Rebellion and ended the Great War. Mareau Brissé has since lived in the shadows at the edge of Literra, blinded by the grief of the death of his sister and drowning his shame in ale. Once, he could hurl the Wind to a hurricane of power. Now, he can barely walk home from the inn.

When the young Storm suddenly plummets from the skies, claiming to be his niece, Mareau is forced out of his slumber to reconcile with his past. To finish the war his ancestors started and redeem himself from the battle once lost, he must become what he always feared to be: The Lord of Winds.But the war Storm drags him back to is more than a fight for revenge over the Lord of Life. To destroy a man who has conquered Life and controls the Spirits, one might have to destroy the world itself for a chance to win. With ancient forces begging to be released into the world, the stakes are higher than ever, and Mareau must use every bit of strength to not be blown away by the storm of war.

Embarking on a journey to redeem himself and his family, he follows Storm into a fight that will bring him closer to the Spirits, to Life, and to utter destruction than he ever asked for.

For when the Wind is angry it gets a purpose, and the Wind, people whisper, cannot be killed…

The coming of a trilogy

While book 1 and 2 of The Palace of Winds are already out, book 3 is still being written. Initially, I'd hoped for a 2023 release, but writing while studying physiotherapy in a new language took a bit more energy than anticipated.

Winds of Determination (book 3) is almost written. As in, I'm currently (as of July 2023) writing the big epic finally!

I'm excited to finish this epic journey of self-discovery and sadden to soon have to say goodbye to my dear characters.

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