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The Palace of Winds Trilogy

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Winds of Destruction

The Palace of Winds Book 1

Kindle and paperback: US, EU, UK 

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Ancient pacts have been broken and powers greater than anything is about to be released and threatens to swallow the world. Life wants vengeance, and the Wind freedom. The Spirits will fight for their justice and only the thunderous Storm can lead them to victory.

But the war her ancestors have started is too much for her to handle alone. To break the Lord of Life's dynasty and set the Spirits free she needs help from her uncle; a long-lost war hero now wasting the remnants of his broken life in ale.

Once he was the Lord of Winds, but the Wind, people whisper, cannot be killed.



Winds of Desolation

The Palace of Winds Book 2

Kindle and paperback: US, EU, UK 

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*spoilers for book 1*

The world is broken. In a moment of desperation, Storm claimed the power of the Spirits, stopped Earth from moving and vanished, leaving her uncle, Mareau, to pick up the pieces of Literra. Stepping up as Lord of Winds, ruler of Literra, he struggles to retain peace and hope as the Ancient Prince Panmar plots for his demise. However, earnestly fighting for his legacy and to redeem his mistakes, Mareau’s inner battles may be a foe too great for him to overcome as the ghosts of his past refuse to let go.


Meanwhile, Storm has taken refuge deep in the mountains, the shame of her failed mission and loss of her brother, Gust, having consumed her. Determined to put things right, she must first resume her identity and arm herself and Mareau with the rage of Life and the power of the Wind if they are to win against their immortal enemy.


But can Storm and Mareau use each other’s strengths to rise above their ancestors, or is the gusting Wind taking its final breath?

Summary of book 1

Index of characters (pdf file)

Forest Mist

Winds of Determination

The Palace of Winds Book 3

A work in progress! Aimed to be released sometime in 2023.

The final installment of The Palace of Winds.

Winds of Desolation
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