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Blood of Husks (The Altira #2)

Magic of Lies, The Altira Series book 2

by Joyce Gee, 5310 Publishing

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A great follow-up with more magic, epic battles, and sweet kisses.

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The second book in The Altira series starts more or less where book 1 left off. We're on the road with Queen Eirian and part of her army and guard while danger and enemies lure around her. War is brewing and old and new alliances are coming together - for better or worse.

The cleft between Eirian's duty, her magic, and her own heart only grows when old lovers arrive and the pressure of 'marriage of convenience' press from her allies.

The romance is bitter - yet sweet. You feel for all the involved and just hope they can work it out before they all kill each other out of jealousy. It's subtle and very slow-burn, and a side-story to the main plot. It does play a heavy role though, because Eirian has a big heart and loves many people, and the desire to love freely and to save those people is a main motivation for her.

Compared to book 1 there's a lot more magic in book 2 and we get to experience Eirian's power fully when she takes charge in an epic battle. The experience leaves both her and her men scarred, but the following tender moments are worth it, and the vulnerable sides of Eirian might be my favorites.

The weight of her choices, power, and duty hangs heavy over her and as the reader you ache at her limited choices and brave heart. Part of you just wish she'd get on her horse and leave it all behind.

The mystery is thick in book 2. The "Darkness" that looms and drives people mad gets more shape, but its origin is still elusive - even more so when immortal species have shaded the memory of man and there are Gods meddling as well.

Several of the side characters get more profound roles, some with a hint of hope that perhaps Eirian is not alone in her battle but can find someone else to lean her power on. Others, fill you with doubt. While their actions are not wrong, something is wrong, and I'm putting a bet down they might betray her in the end (not saying who, but I'm very suspicious of someone a little too close to Eirian).

Book 2 continues the epic path laid out by book 1 with more details in the world building, more mystery to the Big Evil and Eirian's heritage, much more badass magic, and - oh - that heart wrenching romance.

I'm still a huge fan of the big cast and the 3rd person, omniscient POV works seamlessly.

I fear for Eirian's fate at the end of this series, but for now I'm rooting for her (and Aiden - my favorite, so far, of her 'lovers').

Fans of epic and high magic should definitely put this series on their TBR.

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