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Oath Keeper: On the Other Hand

Oath Keeper: On the Other Hand

by Ellie Leiberman

This was an intriguing story of sibling devotion and forbidden magic. Add a pissed-off dragon and a thief with a heart of gold and what’s really not to like??

Trapped in a terrible situation because of an unlucky deal with their magic, the MC is forced to do the dirty work for some not-so-nice people, all to stay alive and keep his younger sister safe. But when he steals a dragon egg - and the dragon turns out to hold a grudge - his luck seems to have run out.

The first chapter hooked me right away with the MC’s voice and character. It had an adventurous vibe and dry humor that very suddenly turned very dark. I went from thinking the MC a bit of an ass to feeling pity for him and his unwilling companion.

The MC is a good mix of selfish survival, terrible choices, and noble sacrifices that keep you on your toes throughout the short-ish read.

There’s great chemistry between the characters (fully platonic) and the sibling dynamic was very sweet and believable.

The world was intriguing and made me wish the story was longer. I’d love to read more about the different kinds of magic, especially the younger sister’s. There was a lot of potential and lore for everyone involved and if Ellie Lieberman reads this: please write more stories in this world 😅

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