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The Knight Saves the Dragon

Cover of The Knight Saves the Dragon. A drawn castle in forground, mountains in the back. Title in green and leaves/branches around the border. Plant and a green clay dino around the book (home-made when my bf was a kid)

The Knight Saves the Dragon

By Rebecca Crunden

Find out more here: Rebecca's webpage

This was another wonderful short story from Rebecca. I don’t know how she packs so much feeling and detail in so few words!

This was a quirky fairytale with many unforeseen twists that had me laugh out loud several times. It was unexpected, fun, held lot of wonder, and oddly a critical voice I deeply appreciated.

As the title suggests, it’s about a knight who ventures out - not to save the princess, but to save the dragon. The unorthodox approach to this common trope was fantastic and with so little effort, Rebecca solidifies herself as Queen of Short Stories.

As just a 10 min read there are really no reason to not spoil yourself with this enchanting, twisting, and uncommon fairytale.

(also, that green lump on the picture? It's a clay dinosaur that my partner made when he was like 6 or something. I thought it could resemble the dragon, but it's really just lumpy and cute).

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