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Fire at Her Fingertips

Book cover of Fire at Her Fingertips. An open fist with flames erupting from the palm.

Fire at Her Fingertips

By Rebecca Crunden

Find out more here: Rebecca's webpage

This short story is one of the best I’ve read and one I still think about every once in a while.

It’s a very simple story and a 10min read, but the use of 2nd POV and the skill of Rebecca’s writing packs a roller coaster of emotions through those 10 min.

There’s heartbreak and anger from injustice, longing and wonder, and it ties up by mending your heart and lifting your spirits.

It’s a sweet sapphic romance with hints of magic and a part of me wants it to be a lot longer because it holds just enough fantastical elements to spike the interest of something bigger. That said, this story is absolutely perfect in its short, sweet beauty.

It's well-worth your 10 min and a great break from your daily grind.

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