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Unpainted (A Wierdwater Romance)

Book cover for Unpainted. A woman and man kissing with a golden spark between their lips. Title in pale purple. Yellow roses and a narcissus surrounds the cover.

Unpainted - A Weirdwater Romance

by Dani Finn

Find out more here: Dani Finn's Linktree

Unpainted is a sweet and sex-positive erotic fantasy romance! It’s utterly queer, screams out “consent is sexy!” and just dwells in tropical vibes and first love feels.

It's a soft fantasy with little hints of magic and an in-depth world building that only just breaches the surface in this novel and has me curious of Dani Finn's other novels that centers in this same world.

The main story is the romantic (and erotic) development of a newly-wed's relationship in an arranged marriage.

The femme-dom and soft boy pairing is sweet and believable and though the story progresses slowly, it’s wholesome and entertaining to explore the MCs’ relationship as it develops. The focus is on consent, love, and pleasure and I found it refreshing to read of a world where these three things are of big importance in the society.

The side-plot gets a little hidden in all the steam and could've been explored further as it does play an important part to the end of the story. But honestly, just reading about these two love birds exploring each other, themselves, and the scenery on their tropical honeymoon was enough to keep me going.

A wholesome, heartwarming, and sexy read!

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