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Witch in the Lighthouse

Updated: Jun 21

Book cover of Witch in the Lighthouse. Pale purple back ground with the black outline of a lighthouse and broomsticks. A cat stands behind the cover because she's cute.

Witch in the Lighthouse

by Azalea Forrest

Find out more here: Link to Azalea's webpage.

A wholesome read with Ghibli vibes about overcoming grief and adapting to change.

This is a cozy, summer novella that makes you think Kiki's Delivery Service, if Kiki was older (and red-haired).

It follows Maggie, a young witch who sets out to manage and live in her uncle's lighthouse after his unfortunate passing. While the town is not completely unfamiliar to her, it's still new and she must work hard to gain friendships and loyalty from the suspecting townsfolk. They don't like witches. Why? Well, her uncle's friend Basil was not the best of them. And he is, of course, coming back to stir things up for the worse for Maggie.

The atmosphere of this story is relaxed. It's a seaside read with a salty ocean breeze that tugs in your summer dress, and dry grass that caress your hands as you walk through the fields. You can smell the honeysuckle and hear the waves crashing.

The stakes are low and revolves around every-day life issues and the slow building of self-esteem and friendships.

Maggie wants to do good by her kind and family, she wants to honor her uncle and his legacy, and stay true to herself while overcoming the hardships of adapting to a new life and adulthood.

It's a slow, enjoyable, and cozy read that sprinkles magic into a 'real world' without making a fuzz of the how's and why's. There is magic and it's a trade just like any other.

It's a perfect summer read when you need to wind down in the shade and hug your soul.

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