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Around the Campfire

Cover of Around the Campfire. A bonfire on a dark background/in the night. White title.

Around the Campfire

By Samantha Marchand

Find it here: Link to Amazon

This collection of short haunting tales is perfect for cuddling up on a rainy day with a cup of tea.

Without being entirely clear on the term 'cozy horror', I'd say this might fall into the category. Not that there ain't some serious creepiness going on, but as the setting is a group of strangers sharing their paranormal encounters, it takes the worst edge of - you know they all somehow made it through and are well.

That being said, it has some urban legend vibes and a lot of the stories are based in a kinda every-day events, which does amp up the spookiness.

I really liked the diversity of the stories from plain ghostly, nightmare-ish, urban legends, real-life stalker, and - oddly enough - a bit of wholesomeness.

The idea of strangers sharing their encounters were kinda fun, and though the intermission between each sometimes got a little repetitive, it was nice way of tying all the stories together.

It's a great mood-setter for Spooktober or just a rainy day where you want an extra kick of eeriness.

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