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Heart of the Storm (Demon Storm #4)

Updated: Jun 20

Book cover of Heart of the Storm. Main character Kari stands with a black-winged man. She looks fearful/disgusted.

Heart of the Storm, Demon Storm book 4

Valerie Storm

Shadow Spark Publishing

Find out more here: Shadow Spark Publishing

The fourth book of Demon Storm gives time for healing and love, adventure, and - oh so much - disaster!


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The fourth installment of Demon Storm takes off straight after book 3 and there's a lot of very heartbreaking trauma to process. Book 3 ended with injuries mostly inflicted on Ari and I love how the book gives time to delve on his slow healing, and maybe mostly his struggle and frustrations (and fears). I means that Kari now has to step up to become the carer and it's a great way to explore their dynamic and build on their relationship. There are lots of happy and heartwarming moments for it.

More so, new characters are introduced to aid this. We get to meet Ari's mother who returns (from the dead almost) and are able to relieve Ari from his burden as lord. And sure, this is sweet and good for Ari and so on, but honestly after what Valerie has put her characters through so far, I don't trust this 'happy family' moment one bit, haha! I can almost smell the betrayal and doom brewing on the horizon. I'm very, very curious to see if I'm right about this feeling later in the series!

Without their responsibility to Ari's village or to Zina, the witch that's now captured Raven, Kari and him travel out to explore the world and to heal from their past struggles. With them goes a new semi-MC, Guine, who's clouded with mystery as being a powerful magician but with some kind of shaded past. They travel back to where Kari's story began, and the village that once treated demons as terrors have now become a safe haven.

But, of course, it's not as shiny as one would think. Something sinister is plaguing the area and Ari and Kari volunteers to go investigate and help out if they can. Oh, but they shouldn't have...

Enter Kari's reluctant villain phase...

And I will leave you to ponder what that might mean.

The book has a slow build-up and ends on a bloody note that almost creates utter chaos (again). My heart breaks for Kari over and over who, try as she might, never seems to catch a break.

We end up fearing for both Kari, Ari and now Guine, and the prize for most traumatized shifts several times during the story.

The ending gives you goosebumps and I fear for our heroes' future with the trail of spiteful villains with very bruised ego's they leave in their wake.

I have a feeling book 5 will get darker yet.

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