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Storm and Shadow (Demon Storm #2)

Updated: Jun 5

Book cover of Storm and Shadow. Kari and Raven in the foreground in a nightly forest setting.

Storm and Shadow, Demon Storm book 2

By Valerie Storm, Shadow Spark Publishing

Find out more here: Shadow Spark Publishing

This is the second book in a longer YA dark-fantasy series and if you're into animal/human characters, subtle and sweet romance, found family, dark villains and morally grey hero’s, and - ooh so much - heartache, check this out!


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After the roller coaster of emotions and events in book 1, I started reading this with so much angst!

There's not much of a time gap between book 1 and 2, but enough that Kari is back on her feet and tormented as always. We gain a perspective from Ari now too, which is a nice switch, but also terrible because the poor boy is struggling and you want nothing more than to give him a hug.

The deception and hurt that ended book 1 is ebbing through book 2 and only spurred on by the addition of Raven - a wonderfully evil and sinister woman that Kari is forced into close proximity to.

Raven is truly my favorite character. She's manipulative, cruel, and ruthless. She has her own agenda and has no quarrels removing that which gets in her way, and it's always fun with a pure woman-villain that isn't your stereotypical "evil queen who thinks she's the hottest there is". I love to hate her, and she has me worried throughout the book.

Her impact on Kari and their joined power brings a lot of tension to the story, and you just know that you haven't seen the last of Raven by the end of it.

Though book 2 ends on a slightly more calm note than book 1, the tension and danger have far from gone and only leaves you wonder what terrors they have to go through in book 3.

Storm and Shadow is a great sequel and tense follow up to Kari's adventures that only broadens the world and intensifies the mystery and power that surrounds Kari.

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