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The Storm Darkens (Demon Storm #3)

Book cover of The Storm Darkens. Main character Kari and Ari are dancing and laughing. Title in yellow.

The Storm Darkens, Demon Storm book 3

By Valerie Storm, Shadow Spark Publishing

Find out more here: Shadow Spark Publishing

The third book in Demon Storm delivered yet again!

This book starts out so sweet and wholesome where Kari and Ari finally just have time to chill, but then there's those little bits of gore and horror that lures that the storm really is darkening and all of sudden it takes a turn and it drags you into an dark ally, beats the crap out of you then steals your lunch money.

The above was my original review right after I read the book back in September 2023, and I'm not changing a damn thing, lol! It's perfect as it is and this book (for the above reason) might be my favorite, overall, in the series so far.

Read my review of book 1 and 2 here:

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