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Birth of the Storm (Demon Storm #1)

Book cover of Birth of the Storm. A girl with wolf's tail and ears stands with her back to us and looks at a cloudy/stormy sky. Title in yellow.

Birth of the Storm, Demon Storm book 1

By Valerie Storm, Shadow Spark Publishing

Find out more here: Shadow Spark Publishing

This is the first book in a longer YA dark-fantasy series and if you're into animal/human characters, subtle and sweet romance, found family, dark villains and morally grey hero’s, and - ooh so much - heartache, check this out!

Birth of the Storm starts with a devastating first chapter that really sets the mood for the dark theme of this book. Our main character Kari, a wolf demon, is trapped in a village where she masquerades as a human child to stay alive, all the while plotting to avenge her family.

She’s faced with a lot of doubt and inner turmoil of her place in the world while trying to manage her growing magical ability to call down lightning. And of course, as these things do in fantasy books, things suddenly spiral out of control and she’s forced to search for new grounds.

Kari went straight to my heart and I cheered, laughed, and cried with her. She's relatable, complicated, full of emotions and confusion, and I like the constant battle between her demon/animal side and human/moral side. On top of that, she holds this “Catalyst” power and I’m an absolutely sucker for the “magic out of control” trope.

The story unfolds rather slowly (relatively, because the first chapter definitely does not!), but the constant unknown danger that lurks in the shadows (for those who’ll read the coming books - pun intended) keeps you on your toes and you itch to find out what happens next. And Kari’s journey, both physically and emotional, is one hell of ride! Whenever you think it’s safe and sound; oh no it isn’t!

The last part of the book is TENSE and the ending makes you gasp out loud and ache to get hands on the sequel.

What a journey Kari is on!

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