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Storm's Convergence (Demon Storm #5)

Updated: Jul 6

Book cover of Storm's Convergence. Storm and Ari standing in front of fire and lightning. Title in yellow.

Storm's Convergence , Demon Storm book 5

By Valerie Storm, Shadow Spark Publishing

Find out more here: Shadow Spark Publishing

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Book 5 of Demon Storm starts on the same note as at least book 3 and 4 with the false sense of security. Things are a little too happy for Kari and Ari who are licking the wounds from the aftermath of book 4 and settling into their new home in Freehaven. Obviously, this doesn’t last.

With how things ended in book 4, the enemies in Storm’s Convergence was not who I expected it to be, but no other than the old familiar Riniko, the bitchy-fire-witchy from book 1. She’s as deranged and fanatic as ever before and if there was ever a time for Kari to go all Catalyst-lightning-power-boom on someone, this would be it. But, of course, Kari has grown and is trying to be all sensible and non-murderous and diplomatic and - siiiiigh Kari… don’t be noble. Just kick her ass and be done with it.

Kari does get some needed answers during this book, but there are still many unknowns, like her connection to the weird magical tree in Raziac Forest that keeps coming up. I really hope this will be part of the books still to come because I’m very curious about it!

It is nice to know though, that not everything from Kari’s parents’ decision to tell Zina about her birth to all the horrors Raven has put her through, has been planned with ill intention. There’s been a lot of bad decisions from many parts (especially Zina, I don’t like her), but Kari is not alone in her struggles and there are people who trusts her.

In this book she also gets to go to her old home and with her parents a proper goodbye. This, more than anything, felt like a monumental moment for Kari of accepting all the bad (and good) things in her life and cementing what she really wants: Ari, peace, and quiet.

Book 5 is shorter and slightly slower than previous books, and does feel like a needed chapter to set up events to come. Where I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as some of the other books, I do like Kari’s progress of, on one hand, knowing what she wants and fighting for it, and on the other, trying to not become the Catalyst in the progress. It brings up this whole “self-fulling prophecy” trope that I personally enjoy. She’s grown a lot since book 1, but it’s also clear that the trauma of her life is getting to her (understandable) and I wonder if Kari will be able to win without destroying the world with her.

Seeing the title for book 6 is “The Storm Breaks”, I’ve got my doubts 😅

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